The best view on the golfyard and sunset of Pecatu, Bali

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Rooms in Villa Resort Bella Vida

We offer a variety of villas, each featuring ground floor rooms with delightful sunken seating areas. All our villas come equipped with a fully-equipped kitchen and a luxurious bathroom, complete with a delightful shower and a romantic freestanding bathtub.

DeLuxe Room sunsetview

  • Adults: 2
  • Size: 40m²

Prices start at: $115 per night

Superior DeLuxe room sunsetview

  • Adults: 2
  • Size: 45m²

Prices start at: $135 per night

DeLuxe Room

  • Adults: 2
  • Size: 40m²

Prices start at: $110 per night

Luxurious Family Room

  • Adults: 2
  • Children: 2
  • Size: 55m²

Prices start at: $165 per night

DeLuxe Room 3 persons

  • Adults: 2
  • Children: 1
  • Size: 55m²

Prices start at: $130 per night

Superior DeLuxe room

  • Adults: 2
  • Size: 45m²

Prices start at: $135 per night

Packages of Villa Resort Bella Vida

Book an overnight stay at Villa Resort Bella Vida and elevate your experience to the fullest by selecting from our array of delightful options. Whether you’re looking to explore the beautiful surroundings on a scooter, add a touch of romance to your stay with our romantic package, or embark on an unforgettable tour, we have it all to make your stay truly magical.

Uluwatu Temple


Massage Bali honeymoon


Pecatu, Bingin and Uluwatu the place to be…

Pecatu, Bingin, and Uluwatu – these three stunning destinations on the southern coast of Bali are undoubtedly the places to be if you’re seeking a tropical paradise that combines natural beauty, vibrant culture, and endless adventures.

Pecatu: Nestled amidst lush greenery and boasting some of Bali’s most breathtaking cliffs and viewpoints, Pecatu offers a tranquil escape from the bustling world. Immerse yourself in the serene ambiance as you explore hidden beaches, practice yoga in the midst of nature, or simply relax by the poolside with a refreshing drink in hand.

Bingin: Bingin Beach is a surfer’s haven with its world-class waves and bohemian vibe. It’s a place where you can ride the waves by day and gather around a beach bonfire under the starry night sky with fellow adventurers. Don’t forget to savor the delicious seafood at the local warungs while you soak in the laid-back atmosphere.

Uluwatu: Uluwatu, known for its iconic sea temple perched on a dramatic cliff, offers a unique blend of spirituality and natural wonder. Witness the mesmerizing Kecak dance performance at sunset or explore the Uluwatu Temple grounds to appreciate the cultural richness of Bali. And when you’re ready for some action, catch the waves at Uluwatu’s legendary surf breaks.

In Pecatu, Bingin, and Uluwatu, the possibilities are endless. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker, a nature lover, a culture enthusiast, or simply in search of relaxation, these three destinations have something special to offer. So, pack your bags and prepare to experience the beauty and charm of Bali’s southern coast – it truly is the place to be.

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Find your the most excellent accommodation by looking through our elegant rooms, which are entirely equipped.
Contemporary delicacy with an urban exclusive outlook, followed by modern design, uniqueness and simplicity.
Bella Vida is a unique and truly beautifully designed resort in which your stay will be very comfortable.
A perfect plan for sunny days:

Relax, make new friends, enjoy the trips, surf on the famous beaches and enjoy the most beautiful sunset of Bali

The Highest Level of Comfort,
Convenience and Service

Enjoy being outside on our terrace. Would you like to get a tan, listen to good music, take a dip in the pool, enjoy the sunset or enjoy one of our massages? It’s a hard life, isn’t it? At Villa Resort Bella Vida you can enjoy the best that Bali has to offer. Let yourself fully enjoy the indescribable and unique beauty of Uluwatu and relax in our resort.

Breackfast and diner

Start your day off with a nice breakfast, every day from 8:00 to 11:00. Keep in mind: breakfast is the most important and essential meal of the day!

Your Own Kitchen

enjoy your own facilities such as your own kitchen, or ask our wonderful employees.

Swimming Pool

Enjoy the outdoors on your terrace! Feel like getting a tan, listening to good music, taking a dip in the pool, dancing at sunset or enjoying everything Bali and Uluwatu and the surrounding area has to offer.

Scooter rent Pecatu Bali

Scooter Rental Options with Us

Are you looking for a convenient and efficient way to explore the beautiful surroundings of Bingin, Uluwatu, Pecatu or other places in South Kuta and Bali. Or you can go anywhere flexibly, for example to the surfing beach. Look no further as we offer scooter rentals to our guests that can make your adventures even […]

Kuta Golf Course

Golfing at the New Kuta Golf Course

Nestled on the stunning Bukit Peninsula in Bali, Indonesia, the New Kuta Golf Course is a golfer’s paradise that combines world-class golfing with breathtaking natural beauty. This renowned course has earned its reputation as one of the top golfing destinations in Southeast Asia, drawing golf enthusiasts from around the world. Let’s delve into what makes […]

Uluwatu Temple

Uluwatu Temple with an amazing view

Perched high atop the dramatic cliffs of the Bukit Peninsula in Bali, Indonesia, the Uluwatu Temple stands as a breathtaking testament to both Balinese architecture and the natural beauty of the island. Known locally as “Pura Luhur Uluwatu,” this ancient Hindu temple is one of Bali’s most iconic landmarks, attracting visitors from all over the […]

Enjoy our resort for longer than 3 nights and get a free airport pick-up.

If you book for 3 nights or more, we will pick you up for free from the airport or another location nearby. Please indicate this when booking and we will take care of it. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

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